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    Adobe Digital Editions


      I download a book from a bookseller, seller's site shows book downloaded. Computer (Windows XP and a second attempt on Windows Vista computer) displays screen to get permission to open with ADE. Click on it, nothing added to ADE. Also, ADE version 1.7 has been empty on Windows XP computer for some time. Books still on ereader and in My Digital Editions folder, but NOT in the library or on bookshelves. How do I get the book downloaded onto ADE so I can read it.....


      Second question. I have older firmware. If I upgrade to new firmware, and the internal memory is erased, how do I get the books back on the ereader with and empty ADE? I will copy the internal memory books to an SD card before I upgrade, and I hope I can restore the internal memory from the My Digital Editions folder. I just want to make sure this will be okay.


      Thank you.