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    Wierd Things Happening

    Darth Crap Level 1
      Two things wierd going on with my flash project atm.
      Any help or ideas would be appreciated

      I have a movie clip called chao with the name 'chao', which contains another movieclip called 'chao4' with the name 'mychao'
      (yes... i am doing a sonic game lol)

      Later on, i have the a script which uses removeMovieClip(chao.mychao) to remove the inside chao, so then chao.attachMovie("chao"+chaoid,"mychao",chao.getNextHighestDepth()) can be called.
      But.... the removeMovieClip is not working (neither for that meatter is attachMovieClip)
      If you use trace(chao + " - CHAO \n " + chao.mychao + " - MYCHAO"); you can see both still exists - as well as if you look on the stage.

      Can anyone tell me what is happening?

      This is not to do with actionscript, but is for the same project so i put it in the same topic :p
      I have four animated menu items
      In the libary they are named menuitem_battle, menuitem_maingame and so on.
      Before the menu items actuall 'activate' the zoom onto the stage at different intervals
      But... then they don't work in the actual menu once 'activated'


      If i duplicate each menu item in the libary to get menuitem_*whatever* copy, and change the objects on the actual 'menu' to the copies, it works fine?

      Any ideas why?