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    Audio Channel/Modify Clip Presets, Where do they save to?

    wolverine.ks Level 1

      When right clicking on a clip, i select Audio Channels, then change right to left or left to right.


      When I select save preset and fill in a name, where does that save to? is there a fast way to access and apply it to other clips?


      I've looked in the effects window in most of the bins and it isnt saving to there. and fill right and fill left are insufficient as any gain controls added to the clip will still be referencing the audio channel that is no longer desired.





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          Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

          As far as I know, custom Audio Channel presets are only saved to and accessible from the Audio Channel dialog, and only when it's accessed for a clip selected in the Project panel (Clip>Modify Clip>Audio Channels).


          If you select multiple clips in the Project panel, you can change the preset for all of them. Note that changes to the preset do not ripple to instances of a clip that are already in use in a sequence; they apply only to instances added to a sequence after the change.