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    Screw socical media


      I do not want social media, I do not want a community. I want a program that works and a manual for any questions I have.


      This is to much damn work just to get a question answered.


      Please write a manual and I can find the answers myself.


      All this crap complicates what should be a simple relationship between me and my software.


      Why should I have to go through all this when I could just look it up in the documentation and get instant solutions.

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I do understand your frustration. Have you tried the samples? They are very helpful. There are also many answer to questions here on this forum and you can also google them. Youtubes has many tutorials as well.

          Let's remain civil, though, with all the people here who are trying to help and those who receive help!

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            rasto Level 1

            I am independent. I do not want to first find, then sit through a ten

            minute video just to find out how to do something. I do not want to have to

            keep checking a forum  to see if my question has been answered.

            I do not want to see your samples, any ample will have nothing to do with

            what I am doing. I just want to read the manual.


            I have never needed a tutorial, I have never needed to get answers from a

            "helpful person". A well written manual is all I need to get on with it. Go

            to the index, find the page, read the info, - done.


            Your way: Log on, search FAQ, compose a question, wait for a response,

            check back later, read replies,(if there are any), re-articulate the

            question because responses are beside the point or off the mark. Add to

            that slow website due to pop-up coupons, and data feeds I do not need.


            Please consider an independent user who does not want to join another

            social network just to get an answer.


            I have already made 2 posts, had this conversation with you, have been

            admonished to be civil and I still have no further understanding of my new

            tool. I have a new friend, and lot's of "helpful people"


            I appreciate customer service but give me a manual and I will get out of

            your hair.

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              resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I get it. Some people are sociable and some are not, this is totally your choice!   I understand looking for answers in a manual saves time sometimes. I personally prefer to google a quesiton and I usually find what I want faster than looking in a book. I guess we are all different.


              You can check the API from the help menu.


              Sorry there is no manual per-se at this point as far as I know. There are a few books though but not free - sorry!

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                Santos49 Level 1

                Resto took the words out of my mouth. Well, one doesn’t dismiss the other; probably the existence of a manual would even uplift the level of this generous forum. For some questions could be answered: First read the manual, please.

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                  resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I really like the manual idea too, of course, but I think nobody likes grumpy attitudes which really does not serve any purpose besides making people not wanting to answer questions. Just my opinion, though! I am old fashion, I guess !

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                    rasto Level 1

                    That is the whole point. I do not want to have to ask strangers questions.

                    This is the 4th entry in this experiment, still no enlightenment, other

                    than I have a bad attitude. Already knew that. Unless you have written a

                    manual or can recommend a book, lets put an end to this conversation.

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                      rasto Level 1

                      Hey, let's all share our cat pictures.

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                        resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        There are several books out but I have not read them so I cannot comment. but you could check this one out:



                        The thing is that Edge is evolving all the time and it would be hard to keep up with new features. But this book above might answer several of your questions.


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                          AMULI Level 4

                          Hi Rasto,


                          I learned the basics in


                          • Learning Adobe Edge

                          Joseph Labrecque (Packt Publishing, oct. 2012) 340 p.


                          http://www.packtpub.com/learning-to-create-engaging-motion-rich-interactivity-with-adobe-e dge/book


                          and • Foundation Adobe Edge Animate

                          for HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript Development

                          Tom Green & Michael Clawson

                          (Apress, dec. 2012) 350 p.




                          Although those two manuals are written by experienced people, as Mary says, Edge Animate is constantly evolving and two versions were launched since those manuals were published. But I feel they remain a good starter.