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    "Fixing" auto-backlight camera adjustments in PPro CS6

    RavenMouse Level 1

      For a recent event, I used an HD camcorder that I hadn't used before.  I ran it in full auto mode.  In several of the resulting recordings, the camera darkened the image (reduced the aperture) due, evidently, to some backlight source.  Thus, my video has times where the picture darkens, then lightens back up, repeating the cycle at random intervals (see the example).  Within PPro, I've tried Auto Levels, and that does keep things at more or less the same brightness, but at the expense of accurate hue (blues turn purple, etc.).  Auto Color and Auto Contrast behave similarly.  My question is this... is there any "easy" (i.e., non-keyframing) fix either within Premiere or, worst case, After Effects?  Any and all assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!