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    Small Alpha Overlaps or Gaps

    Rothrock Level 5
      I've got some dialog boxes with rounded corners that I'm using in some web based training. They were made by my client and are kind of "legacy." We are publishing for Flash 5! (And no that isn't 5 factoral.)

      Anyways, they are quite clever really and they chopped the box background to keep the rounded corners from distorting and dynamically reposition them based on the size the box needs to be. The background has about a 60% alpha (sometimes a bit different.) and sometimes the boxes repostion with just a bit of overlap in the parts of the background. (We are talking a pixel or less.) Many folks can't even see it when it is on the screen in front of them - it is very subtle.

      Sometimes the misposition is the other way and there is a tiny little gap between the parts.

      The strange part is that it only shows up on certain systems. Anybody have any ideas or thoughts as to what could be causing this. I've already made sure:

      That everything is on an integer pixel.
      That there is no rounding, etc. in the code that does the repositioning.

      One of us is using the other is using could that be it?