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    Cp7 Does Captivate have an "auto adjust font size to fit box" feature?


      This is my second day working with Captivate. I was wondering if there is a feature that automatically ajusts the font size to fit the box it's in. I'm creating a quiz and I'm manually adjusting the font size so it will fit in the question and answer boxes. There are 70 questions and adjusting the font size manually is tedious. It would be really great if there was a way to automatically adjust the font size during a GIFT import. Some of my questions are really long like this:


      ::Question 18::

      You are determining the contract type for a new engagement. Based on the available diagnostic information, you come to the following conclusions:


      • There is uncertainty about a majority of the requirements
      • There is a significant gap between a large set of requirements and your Microsoft Dynamics solution
      • Your project team is not familiar with the customers's industry
      • Your customer is not familiar with implementation projects and business software


      Which contract type should you recommend?


      ~A. Fixed price

      =B. Time and Material

      ~C. Fixed Price for Analysis and Design, Estimate for Development and Deployment

      ~D. Estimate for Analysis and Design, Fixed Price for Development and Deployment



      Thanks for your help!