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    Is anyone experiencing extreme slowdown when using LR5?


      After using LR since it was born I tried the LR5 Beta and was very impressed with the new features.  Having had great success with the Beta I downloaded the full LR5 update several days ago.  The new functions like Spot Removal, Grad Filter, Adj Brush, etc. are proving to be a problem.  For example, when I try to do a spot removal the cursor takes forever to activate and when it is on the screen it jumps all over the place.  Most commands for these new features appear to be delayed by 3-5 seconds.  After a number of restarts (LR5 & the computer) with no improvement I made sure all apps were closed, kept history to a minimum and did anything that I thought could solve the problem.  I had saved LR4.4 so I started that to edit the same photos that were not working with LR5. Worked peachy-keen.  I am suspecting that something happened between the Beta and the final LR5 realease. Nothing else had changed on my end. My LR5 is totally useless to me at this time and unless someone can tell me how to fix it I will be searching for a refund. Hopefully, whatever the problem is can be resolved in 5.1 or......