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    Email form as pdf (with data)

    MMcCann052475 Level 1

      I'm new to using LiveCycle and Adobe Forms- so I know this question is redundant.  I have read several threads regarding this same issue I'm having, but don't see any follow-up responses that provide solid solutions. 


      I have created a fillable form using LiveCycle Designer 8.0.  I need to be able to allow users to submit the filled out form as pdf via email (using Outlook-all users uave Outlook on their stations).  I've adjusted the button properties (using button, not email submit button), adjusted the xml code (to submit as pdf instead of xml), etc.  I may have done too much or adjusted things so that they negate each other.  I am able to get the process to work fine using Acrobat 8.0 Pro, but the button does nothing when using Adobe Reader XI. 


      Users will be using the Adobe Reader XI when filling out & emailing the form.


      All responses are greatly appreciated!  As usual..there's a time crunch with this project. 

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          Mark Lindberg Level 2

          Looks like you need to Reader Extend the form.  Acrobat Pro has the capability to perform the functions you are after automatically.  If you want Reader to have the same capability, then you need to use PRO to 'Reader Extend' the PDF.

          If you have a LiveCycle server, that can be used as well - providing you have a server certificate.

          Please read the limitations in Pro for using it to extend documents - as per the EULA.



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            MMcCann052475 Level 1

            I tested the form again after submitting my question and I believe it's working now. I used my Acrobat Pro and opened the form to allow the "reader extend".   Sometimes I think it needs to get caught up with me!


            Thanks for the prompt reply.