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    Can Font Size Be Changed in FlashPlayer?


      RE: FlashPlayer 11.7.700.224__Windows XP Pro-sp2__IE8.0.6001.18702__Dell Laptop Latitude D82 ___

      Font Size Change Since Uninstall/Reinstall Update for FlashPlayer.

      Since I Reinstalled FlashPlayer in order to update as requested by POGO games,

      the font size on their screen is tiny - comparable to size 8 here.

      Is there a way to change the size of the font in FlashPlayer? 

      If FP is not the cause, other possibilities are welcomed.

      Have increased font size in IE, but no change on POGO.

      DIsplay Properties remain as before uninstall/reinstall @ 1208 by 768. 

      DPI set on Large 120. 

      ScreenShot_POGO_FlashPlayer1.jpgThank You.