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    Am I the only person who is struggling to use the CSS panel in DW CC?!


      I'm new to Dreamweaver CC this week (CS5 previously and CS2 before that ... total of 7 years use) ... was looking forward to the upgrades (and I can see there are lots which is great), but I'm finding the new CSS panel totally frustrating!  It's so much more time consuming an in my opinion in no way user friendly ... especially for those of us who spend every day using them.    I've now reverted back to hand coding my style sheet which means I'm having to switch between screens all the time (still works out to be less time consuming that trying to work with the new CSS panel though!).


      I'm all for change, but this seems to be one big change which wasn't needed and certainly isn't benefical (to me anyway!).  I can see that is probably more likely to help those who are starting out as it has the diagrams to show you what the styling is doing, but for me thats just taking up realestate.


      I was also looking forward to taking advantage of the dual screen option (especially as I'm now hand coding the style sheet), but it seems its only the panels you can move across to the second screen and not the HTML or CSS pages ... Arrgghhhh!!!


      I'll give it another week and then I'm done I think ... which is a shame because there is lots I like about it, but at the moment, this new baby just isn't working for me!