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    How to restore keywords and albums in PE10?


      My computer had to be reformatted with the operating system re-loaded (Vista).  I reloaded PE 10 and then moved my saved photos back into the software.  the problem is that all of my tags (various family and friends) seem to have disappeared completely from the Organizer as has an album I painstakingly set up.  I have all the photos, but a subset of them are not  organized into the album I created.


      Is there any way to get back my tags (the categories aren't even showing in Organizer and the photos aren't tagged)  and to get back my album?


      Many thanks!

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          mytaxsite.co.uk Level 6

          I doubt it if you didn't make the backups.  By reformatting the hard disk, you have effectively wiped the disk clean and so all your work is lost forever.


          One should always make regular backups of personal documents, emails, photos, videos etc etc .  Also, before doing anything that is destructive like reformatting the HD, it is always a good idea to post a question on a reputable community forums where people can advise and inform you of things which you should be aware of.  This also acts as a reminder of things which you may already know but always get a second opinion.


          Sorry, I can't be of any help here except to say that it is pretty simple to re-create the catalogue in PSE but the tags have to be re-entered manually.

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            mirmar826 Level 1

            Thanks but I have regularly made backups. But when I tried to restore the file I have the original  photos but not the tags albums and stacks.


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