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    Premiere Pro CC Audio Cuts Out

    EndlessParadox Level 1



      So I've switched to the new Premiere Pro CC and now my audio drops out during playback. Doesn't matter if it's an aiff, mp3, whatever. I never had this problem with Premiere Pro CS6. All files are saved to an XServe Network on OS 10.8.4. I'll have to remain using Premiere CS6 for the time being.


      Also, just tested this out. I had a TIFF sequence playing with this audio. It did NOT like that. I can play the audio by itself just fine. So it seems to be a problem with playing the video file WITH the audio.

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          EndlessParadox Level 1

          I'm now almost positive this has everything to do with Premiere CC's ability to playback TIFF sequences, as I've opened up extensively complicated edits with all kinds of sound work, and had no problems.

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            Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

            Hi evil_twin,

            Can you file a bug report? http://www.adobe.com/go/wish




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              EndlessParadox Level 1

              report submitted.

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                GP_Productions Level 1

                I have had a similar problem! I have a project that I have been working on for the past month with CS6 using the trial version... Everything seemed to work great and so I made the decision to continue using premier and purchased the CC last week! since then, the same exact project file (although after downloading the CC version it asked that the project be upgraded) has been having an absolutely awful time with audio playback! The only way to get seemless playback is to start 15-20 second before the spot I need to watch... Otherwise the video plays, but the audio cuts out and then comes back in, and then cuts out... VERY frustrating!

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                  gibsonjsh Level 1

                  Same problem here! Really frustrating indeed. I have a fairly complex sequence (multi-cam shoot, plenty of audio tracks, a couple video tracks, all synced with PluralEyes,) but nothing CS6 couldn't have handled. NEVER saw this with CS6.


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                    CineticStudios Level 1

                    Have the exact same issue. Submitted a bug report online and below for others to see if there is something similar between our set-ups.



                    Concise problem statement:

                    Steps to reproduce bug:

                    1. Attempt to playback timeline in Premiere Pro and audio mutes randomly after several seconds. Moving the playhead back and forth appears to help or render audio, but the NEXT time you try the muting will re-occur. Seems very similar to: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1241741?tstart=0



                    Results: Audio playback mutes randomly, not clip specific, and not at the beginning or end or a clip. It happens completely randomly.  stops playback and move playhead  back and forth over the area (confirming audio) and it MAY playback but it will mute at another point. very simple timeline, 3 different audio and video tracks. All from a Canon DSLR camera.. Standard H264 in MOV container  with audio embedded. Even attempted to copy all clips to a new sequence, but exact same issues.


                    Expected results: Continious Audio Playback

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                      ReubenFink Level 1

                      I too have had problems with audio dropouts. But perhaps a bit different. I'm losing up to 24 frames of audio off the tail and about 4 frames off the head of every clip. This is happening with GH2 .mts files and the new GH3 .mov files. I have dragged these same files into CS6 and the files are fine so I know it's a Premier Pro CC issue. You can see a screenshot of the problem here:


                      Audio Chopped off.jpg

                      What's intersting is when I convert these same files to prores the problem is gone. In my one test with Canon fottage the problem is not there either.




                      Can you see that the audio waveforms just flatline between each clip. This has caused me some problems and of course is an irritation. I haven't purchased CC yet I'm still demoing but I wait to purchase until they fix these glitches. For now I'll stick with CS6 which has been reliable.


                      PS. I'm posting a bug report right now. Has anyone else experience the same issue?

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                        GMG Level 1

                        really? no fix for this yet?

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                          999jbowdach Level 1

                          Cant beileve this hasnt been fixed yet either. Already submitted a bug report a week ago

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                            jjjhixon Level 1

                            Hi.  I have a Panasonic GH3 and I have the exact same problem described by Reuben.  If I use PP CS6 there are NO ISSUES with the audio in my GH3 clips.  But, if I use PP CC, *every* GH3 clip only has silence for the last few seconds.  Please fix this.




                            PS:  Reuben could you let us know what the bug report number is so we can follow it?



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                              ReubenFink Level 1

                              jjjhixon I'm not sure how to even track the bug report. I don't have a number for it. Have you filed a report yet? That's the only way we'll get it fixed is if more people actually go through the process. For now the work around is conversion to another format like ProRes. Or just make sure you record for a bit longer than usual. I know not the best solution.

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                                GMG Level 1

                                this bug isn't something that just started happening with CC.  I've searched the internet HIGH and LOW for all the info I can, and this same type of audio bug goes back as far as cs3 era I believe.  I've tried downloading codecs, drivers, making sure everything is up to date, added the AC3 dll, nothing..

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                                  GMG Level 1

                                  *****POSSIBLE TEMPORARY FIX*******


                                  click Sequence at the top, and try RENDER IN TO OUT, or maybe just trying rendering the audio in to out.


                                  far it's the ONLY way I've been able to hear audio without interruption.

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                                    bricriu Level 1

                                    I have the same problem, so does my friend. Can an adobe employee please chime in and explain to us why this isn't fixed yet? I pay $50 a month, I need an editing program that can handle something as basic as playing audio correctly.

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                                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                                      I'm not an employee, but this may not be a bug, but a system issue for a few users.  It's certainly not a widely reported issue around here, and I have both GH2 and GH3 media as reported by one user, and it works just fine in both CS6 and CC.


                                      So if you're waiting around for Adobe to do something, you may be in for a long wait.  It may be better to find out why it isn't working for you, when it is for most others.

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                                        Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                                        This thread seems to be covering at least two distinctly different issues.

                                        1. audio drops out during playback. Scrubbing can fix it for one spot, but then it will just drop out somewhere else. Question: Does this happen even if you've allowed plenty of time for all the imported clips to be conformed?
                                        2. audio missing from the beginning and end of some imported clips (mostly from Panasonic GH3 cameras, apparently)


                                        To keep the discussion clean, I recommend starting a new thread specific to the second issue (since the first was the original topic of this thread.) In that new thread, it would help our investigation if some of you who are having this problem  uploaded some short sample clips that exhibit the missing audio at the head and tail of the clip.

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                                          bricriu Level 1

                                          Do you have any answers as to the main issue of this thread? I edit music videos and no matter what format the song is in, I can't play the whole video back without the audio constantly dropping out, then at some point coming back in if I let it keep playing.

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                                            Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                                            I have not encountered this issue, but audio is not my area of concentration. I've called this thread to the attention of two colleagues who are much more skilled and knowledgeable in the audio domain.

                                            My question re: allowing time for conforming to complete was a step toward troubleshooting this issue. A reply to that question would help.

                                            Other useful info:

                                            • does the audio drop out when playing a single clip in the Source Monitor or only when playing a sequence in the Program Monitor?
                                            • does this happen with projects that were created in CC or only with projects initiated in CS6 (or earlier).
                                            • are the clips stored locally or on a network? If local, internal drive or external? (the O.P. specified that the content was stored on an XServe Network).
                                            • What are your system specs?
                                            • Are any system resource (RAM, CPU, ...) maxed out during playback?
                                            • Are you running 7.0 or 7.0.1?
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                                              bricriu Level 1

                                              Yes I have allowed it to conform.


                                              • only when playing a sequence in the program monitor
                                              • happens with every project I create in CC, haven't imported any old projects from CS6
                                              • clips are stored locally on an internal drive
                                              • Early 2013 15" Macbook Pro (retina). 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7, 16gb 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000 512MB, )SX 10.8.4
                                              • No
                                              • 7.0.1
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                                                jzhess Level 1

                                                I'm intrigued at the similarities in this string to my own problem - and would love to hear what any of you think about my audio-drop-out issue?  Thanks!! --Jacob http://forums.adobe.com/message/5785235#5785235

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                                                  randywarren Level 1

                                                  This is a MAJOR issue for us as well. Almost to the point of seeking "other" editing solutions, primarily because we've had this issue now ever since switching to PrPro. We've had this issue with CS6 on a MacPro, MacBookPro, and now CC on brand new iMac and MBP.

                                                  We are REGULARLY not able to play an entire sequence without the audio dropping out, have to keep on pausing it and hitting play again.


                                                  We have plenty of RAM, fast drives, have tried setting Audio Preview scratch disks to different drives, deleted render files, re-rendered. I don't edit with clients sitting in the suite, but I simply can't imagine how another professional editor would explain this to a client! 


                                                  I was really hoping CC would solve this issue, but I'm sad to say I'm looking into alernate editing solutions strictly because of this issue. We have to be able to play a sequence without having to hit the spacebar 10 times. Other PrPro editor friends have said the same thing.


                                                  Adobe, I would love nothing more than for a solution to this - I'm rooting for you! But I've been editing for 16 years on different pro non-linear editing platforms and this is simply unacceptable.

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                                                    999jbowdach Level 1

                                                    Pretty surprised this hasn't been resolved. At a local LACUG meeting, it seemed limited to Windows users but apparently not.


                                                    I can confirm I have fast enough drives , running Latest video card and motherboard drivers, all updates for CC, all projects and assets accessible locally . Audio from avchd and numerous different forms of audio (mp3, wav, aac).  Randomly drops audio during playback, occurs at different spots each time  and seem to be spontaneous in nature. Tried new projects and old projects Any attempts to narrow it down to a piece of hardware or software  return nothing identifiable as a cause. Only thing I see in common is adobe premiere cc.


                                                    Please advise


                                                    Message was edited by: JBowdach Correction : audio muxed w avchd, h264, and cineform video files.

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                                                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                                                      I see that sometimes myself.  Pausing and restarting playback works fine.  I seems to happen when I try and work too fast and the software just can't keep up.

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                                                        Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                                                        Does this happen regardless of the content in the sequence? For example, can you repro with:

                                                        1. A single clip on a timeline
                                                        2. A series of clips on the same track
                                                        3. Clips of the same audio type (e.g., all stereo) layered on multiple tracks
                                                        4. Clips of different types (e.g. mix of stereo, 5.1, & multichannel) layered on mult tracks.
                                                        5. nested sequences and multicam sequences
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                                                          Jim_Simon Level 8

                                                          Honestly, I don't consider this a show stopper, more of a very minor hassle, so I haven't done any investigation on the matter.


                                                          1. I don't edit with only one clip, so unknown.

                                                          2. Happens on occasion.

                                                          3. I have only stereo clips.

                                                          4. I have only stereo clips.

                                                          5. Nested yes.

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                                                            bubbadoonyc Level 1

                                                            I am experiencing this same problem. Prores files with 48/16 dual mono audio.


                                                            The files playback fine in Quicktime Player 7 and X. And they play fine and edit in other non-linear editors.


                                                            I'm doing anything unusual. Isolated the problem by imported a couple of clips I know with audio in them into Premiere Pro CC. Audio at the end is clipped just as in the example here.


                                                            Using latest version of Premiere CC with all updates applied. This was in 10.8.4 but is the same in 10.9 as well.

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                                                              UlfLaursen Level 2



                                                              Like Jim, I have had it very occasionally on a few places, but not a showstopper for me niether. It was actually a lot more in CS6, but got away with the latest update (before the AVCHD bug was corrected in CS6) as far as I remember. Have not seen it it exports in CC.



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                                                                KellyGreenheart Level 1

                                                                I am having the same issue with Audio dropping out. I'm surprised this hasn't been fixed yet, as I can't do audio correction with it this finicky.   I never had this issue in CS5, only once I transfered to CC.   And then, the audio didn't start dropping out until I started messing with the Audio levels.  It's completely random and will sometimes stop for  2 seconds, other times for 30 seconds.  

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                                                                  JacquesCoetzer Level 1

                                                                  I have the exact same issue, however mine is from a CS6 converted project now running in CC. I have yet to test on my system whether it cuts out if the project was created with CC. The audio cuts out especially near areas where there is a dynamically linked After Effects project. This makes me think it has something to do with my drive speed however the problem is that it worked fine in CS6. It must be the fact that Adobe "wrote PP CC from scratch" and probably screwed the audio streaming engine (or whatever they would call it, I'm not a programmer)

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                                                                    Alvarado5447 Level 1

                                                                    Sam issue here. The strange thing is that in one of my projects, it's showing the audio in the gain meter, and in a different project, it's not showing the audio in the gain meter. In both cases though, I can't hear audio from the timeline, just from the source monitor.

                                                                    This is slowing me down big time! Any clues yet?

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                                                                      Nick_HE Level 1

                                                                      ...This has always happened to me (not just CC) and I've just learned to live with it. You'll be playing a timeline, and one of the audio tracks will drop out. Then after a few seconds it picks back up again. I thought this was just how Premiere was

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                                                                        velvetcartel Level 1

                                                                        The audio was cutting out for me and so I quit After Effects running in the background and everything worked fine. Also another tip dont run Logic Pro in the background it will play everything back in Premiere much faster.

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                                                                          stockmsa Level 1

                                                                          I figured it out guys!  The issue is with the thumnails.  If you shrink the size of your video clips on your timeline the thumbnail images will be removed.  Playback was flawless after I did this.  I have a new 15" Retina MBP with 8 GB of ram.  Not sure why thumbnails would cause this lag/audio drop, but not experiencing the issue anymore.  I will rough cut with thumbnails on, then shrink for preview.  Annoying, but it's much better than dropping audio.  Let me know if you guys are seeing the same thing. 

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                                                                            AJV Media Level 1

                                                                            I'm having the exact same problem.  The audio cuts out during playback on the timeline.  Yesterday I was having zero issues, and now suddenly the audio randomly freezes while the video continues to play.  They're mostly simple cuts, no nested sequences, a couple of dissolves.  The audio cuts out at different points every time, and pausing playback and resuming it makes the audio kick in again.  I don't understand how this can happen.  It makes it impossible to watch smoothly from beginning to end.


                                                                            I'm using Premiere Pro CC 7.1.0

                                                                            MacBook Pro Retina 15" (Rev. A) 16GB RAM, 750GB storage

                                                                            1TB external USB 3.0 HDD


                                                                            Please fix this soon!

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                                                                              dandman01 Level 1

                                                                              It seems like this issue is still not resolved.


                                                                              For me, it occurs far worse and worse througout an edit. I have a feeling its to do with my machine heating up because the problem seems FAR worse when the computer fan is spinning away (particularly after I add additional clip effects/adjustments).


                                                                              Same spec as above:

                                                                              Premiere CC, MBP (Retina) Early 2013, 16GB, SSD... OSX 10.9


                                                                              This issue has also happend on another early 2012 MBP, again the computer heating up seemed to be the common link - once we allowed it to cool down for a little bit, went back and it didnt seem to trip over as much, until, the fan started spinning up and audio started cutting out randomly.


                                                                              All clips are native from Canon 7D in a 1080/25P timeline - occurs with and without effects on the clip.


                                                                              My next step will be to take this to an apple store... however, Adobe must atleast respond and advise whether a software issue or to do with MBP/overheating...

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                                                                                AngelodellaGioJa Level 1

                                                                                The audio for Premiere Pro CS6, while dB marker SHOWS there is sound and we see waveforms in the audio files (and yes, the volume control on our machine is fine), will STOP. It does not seem to be an issue that is resolved!


                                                                                The video plays and the sound will randomly stop playing. We click around different windows until it works again, but this time clicking around is not resolving this annoying reoccuring issue. We have a deadline, so any way of preventing these obstacles in this expensive program from hindering our progress would be great.





                                                                                I expect that Adobe will not follow up with more questions to delay finding a solution. Thank you for your help.

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                                                                                  Andrew Caughy Level 1

                                                                                  This happens on nearly every project I start in Premiere Pro CC.

                                                                                  It's really frustating and makes editing very difficult. It is almost impossible to watch the flow of an edit.

                                                                                  I used Premiere CS6 and this never happened. In fact I got my entire office to switch from Final Cut 7 to premiere recently because CS6 was so great and chugged through footage without the hassle transcoding.  I very much want this issue resolved.


                                                                                  I am typically working with multiple layers of video and 1 layer of audio - footage straight out of Canon 5D Mark III


                                                                                  This even happens when you quote un quote "render audio" which doesnt make sense to me.

                                                                                  Happens when you render the enite video video with render all effects.


                                                                                  I work on a decked out mac book pro at my office

                                                                                  and a fairly decked out mac mini at my house (though i realize it is still a mac mini)


                                                                                  This happens both when running on an internal drive or firewire 800


                                                                                  I just watched my activity monitor - it seems to happen when the free ram goes to less than 100mb -

                                                                                  however the ram fluxuates a lot when playing back.


                                                                                  I am currently working on a projcet that is 2:30 long. The only applications open are premiere, safari and the activity monitor.


                                                                                  I just opened premiere and flushed the preferences by holding option and shif

                                                                                  Watched the video once entirly with no issue (it was rendered mostly from last time I was working) my free ram started at about 3 gigs available the first time I watched. When it was done playing I had about 1 gig available


                                                                                  I stated playing the video again and the ram went down again to nothing and audio stopped - audio levels die (even though there is audio there) - video played okay. pressing play immediatly to start it fixes it temporarily but then it cuts out again


                                                                                  I went back to the begining again and this time deleted my render files. playback on both A/V were very poor.


                                                                                  I dont know too much about computers but it seems to be a ram issue - this being said my mac mini which i am on right now has 8 gigs and my mac pro at work has 24. Both should be sufficient ram.


                                                                                  Thanks for your help and look forward to Adobe's fix for this issue. I hope it is as pressing for your team as it is for all of us.

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                                                                                    bricriu Level 1

                                                                                    Is there a way for us to at least get a discount until this is fixed? I mean this is absurd, this thread is 6 months old, and the problem much older than that, and it doesn't seem like Adobe is any closer to a fix. Meanwhile we're being charged $50/month for a program that doesn't function the way it's supposed to.


                                                                                    Adobe wanted so badly for us to switch over when Final Cut X ruined everything, and I did, but at this point I'm considering just biting the bullet and switching to FCPX because I NEED an editing program that can at least play sound properly. How can one efficiently cut a music video to the beat of the song if the song cuts out every 2 seconds?


                                                                                    So yeah, if you can give us a discount until this is fixed, that would be a step in the right direction.

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                                                                                      WithersDigital Level 1

                                                                                      This happens on every Premiere Pro CC project I've ever worked with. I don't remember it happening in CS6. It never happens in the project's infancy (trimming footage with no effects on a single track, there are never problems) but almost always starts popping up as soon as I begin layering audio and video and the project becomes more complex. Audio will drop out (I don't even get the meters) and then come back after a few seconds. At best it's disruptive to my editing flow, at worst it is infuriating when I'm trying to show a client or get feedback.


                                                                                      2x 2.3Ghz 6-Core Xeons, 16GB Ram, OSX 10.9 (happened in 10.8.3 too). Using a SoundBlaster X-fi USB device. Yes, it's a Hackintosh but I don't think that's the problem here from reading the thread.

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