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    Cache not clearing, Rendering and other problems OSX FW CS3

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      Okay folks,
      I'm starting to have real problems here. Hoping there is a solution, maybe a
      plist or something.

      I create a png from a screen shot. It isn't open in the Finder. Preview is
      closed. Open it in Fireworks and try to save it via Export preview and
      choose jpg, and I get the error:
      Cannot render, file already open in another application (not true).

      I'm also trying at times to use PVII's image gallery magic, which gives
      errors like:
      Simultaneous sessions are not allowed, even though I only have one FW
      session running. To clear the program I either have to log out and in or
      quit both DW and FW.

      I'm also noticing at times that installing WA extensions in DW that athough
      DW is closed, it gives the error that the extension is being used. In order
      to get it installed, I have to log out and in.

      To me it seems as if the cache is not being cleared and the system sees the
      programs as operating even if they are not. Or something is screwed up.
      I spoke with Al Sparber and he indicated 2 potential problems:

      DW has lost track of FW (even though it is the primary editor and will still
      open with a double click on FW images within DW CS3). And that DW suite
      Mac code is structurally deficient and has to be re written from the ground
      up for Mac.

      I also have an older DW suite installed (8) but I have all extensions
      disabled in those apps.

      Any fixes?
      BTW, I'm on a G5, not Intel. So that shouldn't be an issue with Rosetta.
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