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    How to make a movie to download from website?

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      I want to turn a current 500mg. cross-platform movie from CD to web-delivery. Can I create a unified file - that you download and play from your desktop only - from CD burning files (movie.dxr, Xtras folder, stub projectors for Mac and PC) I have already? Is it easier (less work for me) to have a PC version to download and a Mac one? Does it matter if the final expanded file on your desktop is a mounted volume or just a folder?

      Can someone point me to a tutorial or info? Is this enuf info? tia :0)

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          If I understand this correctly, you have a cd project and you want the
          same thing to be available for download on the web. That's easy.

          Just zip up the PC version (stub + whatever support files). Make that
          zip available on a link from your website. Have instructions like
          "Click her to download. Unzip the file to your desktop then doubleclick
          "start.exe to get started". To make it a step easier, you can make a
          self-extracting zip file. I know the full (non-shareware) version of
          WinZip does that, and there are probably free 3rd party tools to make
          that happen.

          Now for the Mac side, you would typically make a .dmg file which is
          basically like a zip archive, except that when someone doubleclicks it,
          it will mount in Finder, and they can copy it from there. You can make
          dmg files using the Mac's built in Disk Utility, and there are shareware
          utilities that can do the same thing easier.Mac users are also used to
          not having to deal with installing things, so you may consider making a
          bundle out your Mac version. That way, it will just be a single icon in
          that dmg file that they can copy to their desktop or Applications
          folder. Check out apple.com for info about making bundles. I think
          there is also some info on Adobe.com about it.