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    AE to Premier workflow question


      Anyone know how to set-up this workflow... Render 8 minutes of video out of After Effects as an image sequence...open in Premier to view...then be able to update sections of the video..say 20 seconds here and there..and overwrite those sections in the 8 min image sequence...then switch over to Premier to view whole video with recently rendered/overwrote frames updated in the full video in Premier? Suggestions. Codecs for USB 2 and mac laptop? I used to work with Onyx systems like this and I loved..and miss it.

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          beinacircle Level 1

          to be clear. i can render from AE fine. i can import the image sequence fine. I am just a new convert from FCP and don't quite understand how Premier is doing the playback...is it using only RAM? or is it creating another cache file? or is it somehow just playing the image sequence as-is from my drive at the codec of the individual images.


          My problem is with smooth playback of image sequences...to put it shorter...do i need to compress the individual image sequence files more...or is it my system just can't playback 720p at whatever HDV codec Premier is using and I have to setttle for 50% resolution...or is there a way to temporarily set-up my Premier sequence to a lower quality setting and switch it back later for a higher quality output.


          i just have a 2.4 ghz core 2 duo laptop with 3g ram and usb 2 drive...was hoping to preview my 720p files using premier.

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            beinacircle Level 1

            and i have been trying a jpeg sequence of varying quality...it doesn't appear the quality setting makes a difference...which makes me think Premier is creating some other cache file for playback.

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              beinacircle Level 1

              .....and I'm not even doing anything in Premier right now except viewing my AE render...and a soundtrack...but tried with no soundtrack as well....i don't mind re-rendering from AE when I feel the project is complete....i just want to be able to preview full-screen and have the file saved on a drive...and AE's RAM playback runs out of RAM and also doesn't save it on a drive (well...it can render to a drive)...and again the reason I'm not rendering a QT is because I want to be able to just touch up small portions of the edit in AE and then go view the whole project previewed in Premier.