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    Images not in Project Manager Images folder

      When I imported a Winhelp project to HTMLHelp, all of the .bmp's from the winhelp project were converted to .gif's but don't show up in the Project Manager Images folder even though they do appear in the output HTMLHelp.

      Using Windows Explorer I can see an HTMLHelp/image folder that contains the .gif's. The winhelp project included multiple rtf files and referenced all images from a single directory because many were shared among rtf's, so this may be contributing to the problem.

      Is there any way of manually copying the image files into the Project Images folder?

      Also tried to insert a new gif using the Insert/Image option but it didn't show up in the Project Images folder. Instead, it ended up in the HTMLHelp folder. So I now have images in 2 folders but none displayed in the Project. Manager.