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    How to save RAW video with least change

    robirdman1 Level 1

      I have video of some subjects which include singing birds.  A client would like the video RAW (or close to ) but with me processing some audio.

      For example there is huge objectionable wind noise on one. In PP CS5 I used the high pass filter and a little multiband compressor and it essentially eliminated the wind noise without affecting the song which is very high.

      the question then is how to save it.  the file is an HD .mov file from a Nikon D4. 

      I tried Quick time and then after the very long exporting time, I noticed it was only 720 instead of 1080, that they wanted.

      When this is played in windows media, there is no video, only the song playing.   When played back in Photoshop CS6 the video is there wiht black margins, with the sychronized song though.


      Then I tried again, also trimming much of the video, which was long, to only 16 seconds.  I changed the codec to DVCPRO HD 1080p30.  Likewise it will not show video in Windows Media, but in Photoshop it shows a non-reduced video, but it plays jerkily and with no sync of the audio.


      So what format should I use to change it from the RAW video the least, like if only wanted to supply a trimmed video instead of a long one?

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          shooternz Level 6



          Supply the original footage plus a separate audio file processed as you wish.


          Note: RAW (capitalised) implies the footage is RAW ( a specialised form of image).


          Your camera does not shoot RAW Video

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            robirdman1 Level 1

            Well they called it RAW but means unchanged from the camera.  Could call it raw then.

            In some cases I am replacing the audio wiht wind, airplanes, sirens, talking with silence.  So if they can't separate the audio or remove it, supplying an additional one wouldn't help.  If it was to match to a singing bird then there might be synchronization problems.


            So now I used a audio processing software, Cubase, which allows one to replace the audio in a video file.  I replaced one with silence, and the same result.  In Windows Media Player there is no video, only sound - but in this case no sound either because it is silence.  So the file is still changed to not play in WMP.  In Photoshop CS6 the video plays all right.  Since they want the video for podcasts it should probably be able to play video with WMP.

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              Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

              1. Windows Media Player can't normally playback DVCPRO media files. Hence, if you're targeting exactly WMP, use another file format.

              2. Photoshop may not simply playback DVCPRO in real time. Consequently, jerky and out of sync playback.

              3. If your client is not over obsessed with some mathematical quality loss, export your file with H.264 HDTV preset and you should be fine. If he is, you generally need to mux original video with edited audio, for which Adobe tools are not designed. If you can't successfully mux your audio with original video via Cubase, try to nail down the issue:

              - whether you can playback original footages in WMP?

              - whether muxing into another container (e.g. MP4 via ffmpeg or ffmbc) solves the issue?