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    Unknown exporting error and lack of gpu support.


      I'm not sure if these two problems are related.


      When I opened Premiere Pro CC, my video windows were black.  The clips seemed to be playing (there was audio and the histograms still worked) but the video preview was black.  I fixed this problem by going to project setting and changing the renderer to software only.  I was a little disturbed that I had to do this, but it didn't bother me too much because the videos still played back smoothly.


      When I try to export my project (tried with various formats, from within premiere, and from adobe media encoder) the export fails about halfway through.  In Premiere it says there was an unkown error.  In media encoder progress stopped being made, so I eventually closed the program.  I have tried restarting both the programs and my computer, but to no avail.


      It should be noted that during the export from adobe media encoder, my gpu crashed and then immediately restarted itself.  That is what makes me think these two problems are probably related.  Please help.