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    Illustrator CC crashing with aiHostAdapter with version higher than 16.9

    mityaf Level 1

      I am trying to export a zxp from Flash Builder with CS Exstension Builder 2.



        <product familyname="Illustrator" primary="true" version="16.0"/>

        <product familyname="Illustrator" maxversion="15.1" primary="true" version="15.0"/>



          <file destination="$plugin/Extensions.localized" maxVersion="17.9" minVersion="16.0" platform="mac" products="Illustrator" shared="true" source="ai_host_adapter/mac/AIHostAdapter.aip"/>



      When I install the built extension Illustrator CC throws an error on launch and crashes.


      When I take the max version down to 16.9 it installs, Illustrator CC launches but then there is no extension in the Windows > Extension menu.


      It seems like Illustrator CC doesn't like the aiHostAdapter...


      Any ideas?