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    June-July 2013 Video Editing Hard Drive Configuration - ideas welcome!


      Greetings Adobe Community,


      I am a new member and this is my first question. I appreciate any knowledgable and experienced advice for my Hard Drive Setup.


      My new system:

      CPU: Intel i7 3930k

      MOBO: Asus P9X79 DELUXE

      CPU Cooler: CM TPC 812 (Starting with Air cooling, hestitant to use liquid for now)

      RAM: 64GB Corsair Vengeance (1600MHz) (8GB ea. obviously)

      GPU: GTX 650 Ti Boost  (went slim here with plan to sell & upgrade as needed or suggested)

      Case/Tower: CM Storm Stryker

      PSU: Seasonic 80+ Platinum  860W (currently overkill)

      OS: WIndows 7 Pro (with option to  upgrade to 8)

      Optical Drives: Pioneer BD writer & LG DVD writer (excited about and anticipating a commercial version of new Petabyte optical technology

      --> http://www.extremetech.com/computing/159245-new-optical-laser-can-increase-dvd-storage-up- to-one-petabyte



      Now, I am open to any suggestions that might be a bottleneck above, but my main question is about my my Hard Drive Configuration:


      I have the following hard drives:

      2 x Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD

      2 x 1TB WD Caviar Black HDD (7200RPM)

      2 x 3TB Seagate Barracuda HDD (7200RPM)


      I am looking for the best speed, performance and usage of these drives for cs6 Master Collection, with special consideration given to Premiere Pro, AE, and Photoshop.


      (FYI: I will be backing up all important files to an external HHD and burning final projects to BD)


      My plan inspired by suggestions on AF and elsewhere:

      1.) C: 1 x Samsung SSD: OS & Programs

      2.) D: 1 x Samsung SSD: Media Cache & Previews

      3.) E: 1 x Seagate 3TB HDD for Exports (Should I buy another and raid it?)

      4.) F: 2 x WD 1TBs in Raid 0 for Projects

      5.) G: 1 x Seagate 3TB HHD for Media (should I add buy another and raid it?)

      6.)))<BONUS Drive> I am planning on running some tests to see how much max RAM I can use, and whatever is not being used, I am hoping to hear some positive feedback on making a RAMdisk or a couple of them.   (I have seen unbelievable benchmarks for them.)  If it is recommended, could I use a RAMdisk for {2.- Media Cache & Preview} or should I just use it for Pagefiles and other Caches and temporary files? (or forgo it altogether?)



      I know this is a loaded question, and I am open to other suggestions that might include buying ~$300 in additional drives if it will increase speed and performance tremendously.



      Thank you all for reading & I am really looking foward to learning from your knowledge and experience in this area!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          1. Check. SATA 6G port. Add a static pagefile of 1 or 2 GB here.
          2. Check. SATA 6G port.
          3. Check. SATA 3G port. No sense in raiding this and doubling the risk of data loss. Even a 25 GB export will only need ± 3 minutes or less to write.
            • The time for export is spent on encoding, not on writing. Why take the risk and spend the money for a potential 80 - 90 second gain on each export of 25 GB? How often do you do that?
          4. Check. SATA 6G ports on Marvell. Make regular backups of your projects.
          5. Check. SATA 3G port. I would be very hesitant to raid0 the original media because of the risk of data loss.
            • The X79 platform is designed for dedicated raid controllers and parity raids. If you need more speed, go that route.
          6. Forget about it. It is not practical. Windows does not allow booting without a pagefile, so it will always create a dynamic pagefile on C: if it does not find it. With 64 GB memory the pagefile will hardly be used if at all. A static pagefile of 1 GB is enough. Everytime you turn off your machine, the RAM disk gets erased and upon booting must be newly created. That means that the media cache must be newly created, indexing, conforming and creation of peakfiles must be done every time you open a project. That time lost far outweighs the potential gain of a faster RAM disk.


          Just my $ 0.02