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    Input Forms in Adobe Edge Animate

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      Hi All...


      I am stuck in a FORM i designed for a website entirely designed in Adobe Edge

      The CODE for the form is placed on Stage. The textBoxes referred in the Code are inside Symbols. Here is a sample:


      var Name = sym.getSymbol("uploadMetal").$("InputName")    <--- Accessing the TextBox inside the Symbol


      inputName = $('<input />').attr({'type':'text','value':'', 'id':'name'});

      inputName  .css ('font-size', 12);

      inputName  .css ('width', 170);

      inputName  .css ('background-color', '#ffffff');

      inputName  .appendTo(Name);


      I repeated this process to build all the input fields.

      Now followings are what I cant figure out:

      1 - I would like to submit the data and perform form validations, but there is no FORM tag/name. Should I do the same process and create another textbox and append each field to the form?, I understand the structure of a HTML based form, wrapped by the <form/> tags but this mixed marshal arts model in edge got me confused, I feel like i m mostly coding Jquery but many buttons access the CSS properties, still trying to figure out.


      2 - My Submit button is not the regular <input type=submit>, instead i m using a Symbol to act like a custom button, so i made a button from scratch, as if you would build MovieClips in flash.  How can I perform onSubmit Jquery functions for sending or validations then? How can I tell the form to consider this button, or its CLICK/MOUSE UP state as the submit form action ?