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    I Can't load (4:2:2 XDCAM HD @ 50 mbits/sec) spanned clips

    oldfast Level 1

      So, I switch to Premiere after almost 30 years making a living editing on (many) other platforms. Main reason: File-Based workflow, and specifically the ability to cut from XDCam HD 50. Imagine my frustration when I find that I can't access any of the material from yesterday's 5 camera XDCam shoot. Because the takes are too long? This is a known bug? If so, Adobe need to change the marketing material that so prominently hypes XDCam capability. Are there workarounds? I have a quick turnaround on this job and I could have just rented the XDCam VTR and done a tape style log/load in realtime. Forget the metadata. What a pain in the ***. And Adobe's idea of support seems to be the forum/user group? I spent about 4 hours without resolution in the official "support" system today, both chat and phone. A waste of time. No answers from people who seem to be pretty much clueless about this product. Does Adobe understand that people depend on their products for their incomes? Sorry for the rant. Any suggestions on how to use this footage would be welcome.