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    Best way to deal with this color issue?

    Joe Riggs Level 1



      I exported an hour long sequence from ppro to blu-ray though media encoder and it took a few hours.


      Now I discovered one of my clips (3 seconds long) in my original PPro sequence, has a color imbalance and

      naturally that has been carried over into my file for encore.


      Since I didn't use dynamic link, what is the most efficient way to fix this?


      Is there a way to edit in encore?

      Is there a  way to just export that one clip from ppro and combine it into the original file on the encore timeline?

      Is it possible to an additional video track in encore and place that clip above the 1st video track? 


      If the above is not possible, than the best way might be to export just that chapter from ppro, then in Encore, make it a new timeline, trim original timeline to that chapter containing the fix clip point, then make end action from original timeline to new timeline. Finally, make a third timeline with the original sequence that starts after the fixed chapter point, and link to it.   


      I'm trying to avoid having to re-export the entire hour long sequence again.