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    highlighting mouse clicks in full motion recording

      Is there a way in Captivate 3 to highlight mouse clicks in full motion recording? If so, how?
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          macrofireball Level 3
          Hello there and welcome to our community.

          Unfortunately, you cannot add mouse click highlighting in full motion recording mode whilst you are capturing your screen action. As a workaround you could insert a highlight animation after you have completed recording your screens. You can find a number of highlight animations in the Adobe Captivate 3 Gallery sub folder entitled Highlights.

          Here is the path to the highlights folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe Captivate 3\Gallery\SWF Animation\Highlights

          Note: If you own Adobe Flash you can modify the SWF animations such there is Adobe have been kind enough to include the source files which you can find in the folder unsurprisingly labeled Source.


          Regards - Mark