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    Exporting an ebook, no metadata?


      I've been going through this multiple times, but I can't seem to figure out what the problem is.


      Through File>File Info, I add metadata to my ebook. But once I export the ebook and view it, the metadata is nowhere to be found. The file name is used as the title and it's by "Author Unknown." The only metadata that gets exported is what I add in the publisher metadata option that appears in the export screen.


      Also on this note, EPUB Validator keeps giving me a warning for OEBPS/content.opf, line 6 position 24 and the message is "title element is empty." Some searching on Google told me that this means there's no unique identifier, but I have entered one in through the export option.

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          Willi Adelberger MVP

          Which version of InDesign and OS?

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            CS 5.5 on Mountain Lion.

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              Steve Werner ACP/MVPs

              Try restoring your InDesign preferences. Here's how:


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                Douglas.Waterfall Adobe Employee

                Only a limited amount of metadata from the File Info makes it into epub metadata.

                I don't have the list handy for CS5.5 but for CS6 we use the following under the "Description" Tab:


                "title", "creator", "subject", "description", "publisher", "date", "source", "relation", "coverage", "rights"


                I think your complaint from EPUBCheck is that you don't have a <title> element defined. which is required.


                We've made a lot of important changes in EPUB since 5.5, you might considering downloading CC trial to see if it makes your workflow better.


                Douglas Waterfall

                InDesign Engineering

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                  Steve Werner ACP/MVPs

                  I think Douglas is correct. I forgot that back in CS5.5 the title element had to be added manually to the EPUB.

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                    TᴀW Community Member

                    Hi Douglas,


                    As you're viewing this thread: Do you know if there's a way to script

                    additional XMP properties such that they will be added to ePub export?

                    Obviously it is possible to add XMP with scripting, but (in another

                    thread) I was unable to add it in such as way that it will appear in the

                    ePub metada.


                    Do you happen to know offhand if this is actually possible?


                    If not, would you know if creating a custom XMP panel with the XMP SDK

                    would solve the problem?


                    Thanks (and sorry for diverting the thread somewhat),



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                      Douglas.Waterfall Adobe Employee

                      No. We only generate a limited amount of metadata for EPUB2 and we grab that in a very simplistic way from the XMP. This did not change in CC.


                      The EPUB2 spec does allow more metadata to be added but I find it rather complicated to understand how to do this in a way that is effective, that is, whoever is going to read the metadata needs to know how you've coded it, right? There is a lot of stuff in the XMP and it is not clear how much of it should end up in the EPUB.


                      I'm interested in provding more flexibility in this area for CC.next but I'm not sure the XMP is necessarily the way to go.


                      Douglas Waterfall

                      InDesign Engineering

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                        TᴀW Community Member

                        Ah, good to get a confirmation of something I was beginning to suspect

                        -- that the ePub export metadata is not hardwired to XMP, rather

                        selected info is carried over.


                        I'll tell you what we need it for -- it's simply that when an ePub is

                        submitted to the iBookstore (this is still, for us, the target vendor)

                        iBookstore asks for a bunch of info, including BISAC codes, and quite a

                        lot of other stuff, and it would be nice if all this information could

                        be part of the InDesign file so that if any changes or edits are made

                        and an ePub re-exported, it doesn't all have to be keyed-in from scratch

                        when submitting the file to them.


                        Right now I'm finding that it's actually possible to create an InDesign

                        file that does not need any editing of the ePub file produced by

                        InDesign in an external editor (especially since we can attach a custom

                        CSS file) -- the only thing that prevents this being completely

                        self-contained is the metadata.



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                          Douglas.Waterfall Adobe Employee

                          I would very much like to understand what your final metadata looks like after you've added it.


                          This is an area that I think should be improved but there is a range of options with a range of costs and I'd appreciate your input.


                          Can you contact me off-list at douglas.waterfall@adobe.com at your convenience?




                          Douglas Waterfall

                          InDesign Engineering

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                            Steve, deleting the preferences didn't do anything.


                            Douglas, I found all those under File>File Info>Description, entered them all in, including the title, but InDesign is not exporting the metadata.

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                              Douglas.Waterfall Adobe Employee

                              Oooh, now I'm getting skeptical. Can you copy/paste the top part of your .OPF file so we can see it?


                              It will look something like this:


                              <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

                              <package xmlns="http://www.idpf.org/2007/opf" unique-identifier="bookid" version="3.0">

                                  <metadata xmlns:dc="http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/">

                                      <meta name="generator" content="Adobe InDesign 9.1 Build 10" />

                                      <meta name="cover" content="x203.png" />




                                      <meta property="dcterms:modified">2013-06-20T12:00:00Z</meta>

                                      <dc:identifier id="bookid">urn:uuid:29d919dd-24f5-4384-be78-b447c9dc299b</dc:identifier>



                              You are selecting the optiion "Include Document Metadata" under the EPUB Export Dialog Advanced Tab, right?


                              Douglas Waterfall

                              InDesign Engineering

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                                I'm not sure what the problem is. The OPF has no metadata in it, and I've checked the "include document metadata" option. Does it have something to do with the fact that I've put this ebook together from an InDesign Book?



                                <meta name="generator" content="Adobe InDesign"/>

                                <meta name="cover" content="x191.png"/>





                                <dc:publisher>PulpWork Press</dc:publisher>








                                <dc:identifier id="bookid">datvoo</dc:identifier>

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                                  Douglas.Waterfall Adobe Employee

                                  Ah, that was an important clue.


                                  We appear to use the Style Source document as the "key" document - go put the metadata there.


                                  What document were you putting it in - the first I might imagine? Not very easy to discover, is it?


                                  Douglas Waterfall

                                  InDesign Engineering

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                                    Okay, got it, thanks!