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    Can't install the Flash Player for Internet Explorer




      Today, I started noticing my videos were stuttering a lot (something that doesn't usually happen on my computer) and I thought my Flash Player was glitching out, so I uninstalled it and deleted the registry keys for it via Iobit Uninstaller. I restarted and then re-downloaded the player.

      The Firefox/Chrome/Opera etc. version installed smoothly and now works perfectly fine. In the case of the Internet Explorer installer, however, it says that a newer version of the player is already installed.


      I'm using Windows 8 (64-bit) and IE10; from what I've been reading, IE10 comes with a pre-installed Flash Player. The problem is I don't seem to have it anymore. It doesn't show up in my IE Add-on list (http://i.imgur.com/mkm4JQf.png) and whenever I try to watch a video or something that requires Adobe Flash Player, it says I need the player.


      Things I have tried so far:

      downloaded the Adobe Uninstaller to uninstall the Player and then reinstall it;

      checked if ActiveX Filtering was enabled (it was not);

      reset IE settings to default;

      installed Adobe Flash Player beta (it wouldn't let me; it said my Windows came with the latest version of the player);

      ran the 32-bit version of the browser;

      checked for possible Windows updates (it's up-to-date);

      tried to downgrade the browser, without success (the IE10 update doesn't show up in my Control Panel's updates uninstallation screen);

      tried to run System Restore (it failed; it said my antivirus had to be disabled, and I did, but it still wouldn't restore).


      Normally, I wouldn't really mind it, since I don't even use the browser directly; software I'm using, however, requires IE (and its Flash Player) to run.


      Thanks in advance.