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    Flex Ant and External SWCs

      I'm working on integrating our flex builds into our continuous integration system (CruiseControl) using ant and the ant flex tasks. I based the ant script off the one that came with the Cairngorm library. I have an SWC project with no dependencies compiling fine. The problem is when I need to add in an external SWC to the compc task. Here is what I have:


      <!-- Config file. -->
      <load-config filename="${config}" />

      <source-path path-element="${flex.src.dir}" />

      <!-- List of SWC files or directories that contain SWC files. -->
      <external-library-path dir="${flex.sdk.home}/frameworks/libs" append="true">
      <include name="*.swc" />
      <external-library-path dir="../company-valueobjects/bin" append="true">
      <include name="company-valueobjects.swc" />

      The problem seems to be that it won't recognize the libraries in the company-valueobjects.swc file. Here is the error:
      [compc] Error: could not find source for class Company.InteractiveCharter.Aggregator.vo.AdvanceDeclineDataPoint.

      It doesn't seem to find the library from the external-library SWC. The included SWC is compiled in almost exactly the same way (minus the second ext-lib).

      Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong? Has anyone build an SWC where they include libraries from an external SWC?