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    'Uniformisation' creates huge .cfa files when importing mp3 or mp4 files : Why?

    soimosan Level 1

      Hello dear Premiere users,


      When I import a mp3 or mp4 file, Premiere launches a process called 'Uniformisation' in French. This takes quite a while a creates a huge file : for a 30 Mb MP3 file , Premiere Pro creates a 1.4 Gb . cfa file in the '\Media Cache Files' directory.



      Is this .cfa file process absolutely necessary?

      For the moment, my main use of Premiere is its transcription feature (creates text in the Metadata tab).


      Are there any settings that tell Premiere to create a smaller .cfa file?


      Thank you in advance for any information on these .cfa files, their utility, and their settings (if any).



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          Alan Craven Level 4

          Your imported clips have relatively low quality audio embedded in them.  Premiere works with 32-bit floating point audio, to allow high quality, and rapid, editing, so any other audio format has to be "conformed" (the equivalent English term) to that format.  Hence the.cfa files, which are inevitably large. 


          There will also be a.pek file for each clip, needed to enable Premiere to display a waveform in the expanded audio track.  These are much smaller.


          The only way to avoid the need for the.cfa files is to make all your imported audio 32 bit floating point, before you import it.