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    Integrating database Permissions within Robohelp

    Natrajan Pillai


      RoboHelp HTML



      RoboHelp 10.



      We are designing the web help for our project. Our requirement is each help page is permission driven. This permission are stored in our SQL Server database. How could we plug-in our server side .NET code within Robohelp so that before displaying any page RpboHelp checks for permission and if successful, it displays the help page to the user. Will I able to acheive this with RoboHelp ?


      Our second requirement is our help should be localized in 13 languages. I have checked the Robohelp documentation and it supports this 13 languages. I would like to design a single help page in 13 langugages. I DO NOT want to create 13 seperate files for 13 languages.How do I go about it ?


      - Natrajan