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    Are Quadros remotely worth the cost for AE CS6?


      Hey folks,


      So Its laptop upgrade time and I've stumpled across the seemingly age old arguement of Quadro vs GTX gpus. I've already read more forums than I can remember, and although I've got to grips with GTX being essentially gaming cards, Quadros being the more stable proffesional cards for improving viewport rendering, and CUDA generally being awesome; I can't for the life of me find out any up to date references to the Quadros ACTUALLY being worth the money in the context of AE6. (most examples I've found are from 3D animators using mindblowingly complicated scenes)


      Workswise I primarily use loads of 3D vector layers from illustrator and plenty of camera moves. I am however considering more Cinema 4D use in the next couple of years.


      Sorry to bring up a question that seems to be asked all over the place but I thought I'd see what the latest concensus is...


      Thanks for any advice or comments in advance.