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    .MXF Audio Cutting Out


      Editing a seuqnece with footage from a Canon XF105. I use these cameras quite often, however every once in awhile a bug creeps up with the audio the camera recorded. For some reason it will just cut out while on the timeline; volume settings are all checked, and other audio files play, but the audio from the camera simply doesn't play (video on the linked clips are fine). If I quit PP and re-open, the audio will be fine for some amount of time, then randomly cut out.


      It's not every clip imported, only a random few and happens about once every six or so projects. Normally I just quit and re-open, however I'm doing an extended project today and it's annoying to keep having to do to cut my footage. Any suggestions? Seems random it doesn't happen to every MXF clip on every project, only a few here and there. Also, if I export while the bug is happening the exported file has no audio on those clips, but if I re-open and export right away, audio is fine.


      The footage is pulled right from the CF card the XF105 records to and dragged into PP for import. Sequence settings are set to "Match" when footage is applied to the timeline. Working on a windows 7 machine with PP CS6 full version.