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    Change the country and lost my form


      I asked support for adobe via chat on line because I created a form from Adobe Form Central using the free account and I wanted to upgrade to the Basic Plan to make the divulgation of my form (professional survey).

      The problem is that I don't know why my account was created for US (I am from Brazil and I live in Germany), so was not possible to make the payment of the plan.

      When I was in the chat with adobe he told me that I should create a new account, but I wanted to keep (maybe transfer) the form that I have already created. So he asked me if I wanted just change the country of my current account. I said "If possible, yes".

      So he did it. I had to change my password but then my form disappeared!!

      I need that form, it is still on line but I don't have access to that in my account.

      Please support me.



      And by the way, sometimes I can't access the chat on-line again. 3 people tried to help me and nothing. Last one just ignored and left the chat.



      Thais Marques