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    Complex batch editing

    chughes133 Level 1

      Photoshop cs6 64  windows 7 64

      I'd like to do a highly repetitive action to a single open file. In this case:

      file save as currentname_print.psd

      then commit action save as currentname.png

      then commit another action and save as currentname_small.png


      at the moment batch seems to be great for running the same action for many files, but if I want to run a repetitive action such as this I can't seem to figure it out.

      apologies if it seems obvious, but I cant seem to get it working, and searches only seem to turn up questions about doing the same action to multiple files.



      ps: it seems strange that within the action menu I cant create sets that have variables aka current file name+afix, if the actions feature had this I'd be golden.

      ps+ also seems that this could be handled by bridge quite efficiently.

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          TLL... Level 3

          Seems to me it depends on how many image files you want/need to do this to. If you have many images then you might look into scripting. If only a few images and you're willing to do the clicking, line up your various actions, switch to button mode in the actions panel and click away. I've got somewhere an old post about how to record multiple actions as a single action event too (and it worked!). Just need to remember where it is...

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            Check out Photoshop scripts Image Processor and Image Processor pro.

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              chughes133 Level 1

              At a time-- it's one image. Its a comic page. However if there was say an update that needed to be applied to multiple pages (say a characters color changed) then remaking all the different formats becomes a time consuming task that could be better spent doing other things. I actually have tried linking actions, however the save command/export command HARD CODE the file name. If there was a prompt asking for the file name it wouldnt be that bad, as perhaps a better solution than what I have now.

              I would very little ability to go about scripting such a thing-- is there perhaps some kind of template where i could drop in the actions and the file names?



              @JJMack I have looked at image processor. It seems to only support 3 formats. Also its designed to commit the same action to multiple files. I want to commit multiple actions to the same file and save incrementally with a standard naming convention


              @JJMack I am looking at image processor pro- it seems promising I will get back soon

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                chughes133 Level 1


                Image processor pro support the ability to take the same file and make multiple versions! Very cool and this completely worked! thank you


                edit: link for those who find this thread and are looking for the script that worked for me at any rate:


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