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    How to set Flash CS3 "custom" classspath

    eholz1 Level 1
      Hello Flash Forum,
      I am following a tutorial on how to create a class. this class requires a package like: todd.interactive (a tutorlal from Lynda.com)
      I have created my on dir where I keep fla files: D:\Flash\, and then have created the following dir structure under
      D:\Flash\classes\todd\interactive. In the interactive folder I have placed a MyCustomClass.as file which extends the MovieClip class. (I am copying the tutorial, but using a diff name for the class).

      I create a symbol, and attempt to link it (ActionScript 3.0) to the class file noted above using todd.interactive.MyCustomClass.
      I always get an error - cannot find class file - will create one for you - which it seems never to create anyway.

      I have tried putting the file in the Program Files\Adobe\Flash CS3\en\.... (the default path for Flash) to no avail.

      I have tried to set the classpath using the "settings" dialog, and the Preferences menu item under "Edit" on the main menu.