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    How to use an export value (mail address) from a dropdownmenu as mailto address (javascript submit)

    Vincent van Dun

      Hi all,


      I'm struggling with a code i can't write. I've got a dropdownmenu called "Leverende vestiging".

      I've got a submit button called "Verzenden". The submit button contains some javascript on Mouse Up.


      In the dropdownmenu i use a mail address as export value.

      I want to get my export value of my dropdown menu into my code of javascript for my submit button.


      Can somebody help me? I've been searching on google, but i didn't find anything that could help me on the way.

      Awaiting for your help.


      Kind Regards,



      Mouse up javascript:

      // Set up the recipients,subject, body, etc.
      var sTo = "dropdownmenu exportvalue";
      var sBCC = "";
      var sSubject = "Subject";
      var sBody = "My body text";


      / Set the error messge to display if it doesn't work, \r = carriage return
      var sErrorMsg = "Could not send email. Please make sure your email client is set up correctly.\r\r";
      sErrorMsg += "Otherwise, save this file and manually attach it to an email to: " + sTo";


      // Email the entire document
      try {
          bUI: true,
          cTo: sTo,
          cBcc: sBCC,
          cSubject: sSubject,
          cMsg: sBody
      } catch(e) {
          app.alert(sErrorMsg, 1);