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    flash animation in button states

      hello to gurus out there,
      i am trying, several days now, to attach flash animated skins to 3 of my buttons in a Flex application. Can somebody help me tell this to Flex?

      I've tried

      <mx:Button id="deleteButton"

      ..but with no good, i then get 200 errors in line 0 even after i delete the code above

      thanks is advance!
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          Peter deHaan Level 4

          If you can send me your files I can take a look.

          pdehaan (at) adobe.com

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            iuyo Level 1
            thx Peter for your time helping me out (btw heres the link you sent me, very useful indeed) but it seems i can't still figure out how to skin a Flex button component with animated skins i made in Flash. So i''ll try explaining it better. Please bare with me.

            In my Flex application i have 2 different kind of buttons.
            One is static and that was pretty easy skinning it with the .swf and .css examples i found.
            Second one though, has a rotating animation on Over state which changes the dimensions of the button.

            In my flash file I made a movieClip (Mybutton) where i have the four states of my button in 4 different movieclips along the timeline. I labeled 4 frames according to the button state it holds. i then used make Flex component command to export the swf to Flex. And i actually see it in my custom components in Flex, but of course i see it as a movieclip and not a button.
            How do i tell Flex that this is a button and define its skin states from the frame labels in flash?

            I did try the @embed source skinning a Flex button with separate swf but it's totally messed up with the animation the swf holds. It completely distorts when i place mouse over it.

            I don't know where I'm going wrong, can somebody help me out??
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              iuyo Level 1
              btw, did you know that in Windows XP x64, Flex doesn't show lots of it's screens and commands (such as library path)? ..not sure if it's the right place to post this
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                Peter deHaan Level 4

                Re: XP x64, can you file a bug in the flex Bug base at http://bugs.adobe.com/flex/ and include some screenshots.