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    Can InDesign CC open PageMaker files?


      I'm trying to open some old PageMaker files using InDesign CC and it doesn't seem to work. Do I need a plug-in?

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          NitinGupta7 Adobe Employee

          if you simply try to place a file on the INDD workspace it should be able to do it.


          Ctrl+D, it gives you the place option, choose the file that you need to place and then simply put it there.



          - LP

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            DanielW2011 Level 1

            I was not able to open a Pagemaker File directly with InDesign CC. We got the same message that you did that you need a plug-in to open the file, but there is no plug-in available. None of that Ctrl+D or place stuff that Adobe told us to try worked on the macs. We never tested their support suggestions on Windows


            However we were able to open the very same file with CS6. Fonts and a very simple relinking of the Images were all we had to do, then save it as a CS6 InDesign file and then open it with CC InDesign.


            An example of a feature that was in CS6 InDesign and gone from CC.


            Hope this real answer based upon a real person's experiences help.

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              F7sh1es Level 1

              This is the only thing that's worked for me, as well. I should've mentioned in my initial query that I'm on a Mac--not that it should make any difference in the ability to open PageMaker files with InDesign CC. Very inconvenient that this feature was omitted.


              Thank you for your kind assistance!


              Rick Cooper

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                Go to www.pmconvert.com for PageMaker translation to InDesign. This new service can take most any version of PageMaker files and translate them to InDesign files. Operated by CARE Typography and Carl Shank Consulting.