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    CREEP!!!! It's creepy!!!! Need help figuring it out.

    Brenda VT Labor

      I have a 92 page booklet. It is printed out so pages are 8.5" x 7" printed on legal paper to be saddle stapled in the middle when completed. How do I adjust for creep? I see a setting for it. I have CS5 version. I will not be able to download a plug in....etc. Needs to be a quick, simple, not over-the-top technical solution.



      But wait--there's more--I actaully set the REAL book up as 8 1/2 x 11 inch pages. I then just printed out at 65% and it fit pefectly on the legal size and looks nicer. It is the creep thing that is the only problem. I need to get this done or I risk the possibility of not going on vacation and losing my cottage deposit. No stress here, eh?


      Thank you.