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    LUT/Lumetri in Premiere issues

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      I've been playing with the Lumetri effect in premiere, and I hope to see it do even more in expanded updates! I've ran into a couple things, 1. one big issue, 2. an annoyance (i hope just a config issue), and 3. a time saver i'm not sure how to use (if it's possible at all):


      1. The main problem is when I use a vignette in Speedgrade, it has issues when I load the .look file in Premiere through Lumetri (and when subsequently rendered from Premiere. Note the horizontal bands about halfway down:


      This is the only section affected (the left side of a 1920x1080 frame).


      A couple things I've learned:

      - it is related to the size of the vignette, because this happens on any vignette mask I create where the feathered part of the mask is near the edges of the screen. If I make the mask considerably larger, or if the entire mask (including feathered part) are within the frame, the issue does not happen.

      - slightly resizing the vignette slightly alters the lines, but they're still there.

      - turning off the vignette solves the issue,so I believe it's connected to the vignette.

      - the issue does not show up in Speedgrade.


      I'm using an NVIDIA based GTX 580 video card.


      I could always create a vignette somewhere else (in Premiere, or in AE), but that would be a work around that sort of defeats the point of being able to load the Speedgrade look.


      2. My second issue (and a smaller one), is that often when my video is paused in Premiere and a lumetri .look is applied, the paused image looks completely different than the source footage or the footage with the look applied. When I hit play, the lumetri look kicks in, but goes back to the wierd look.


      Sometimes, it will show the lumetri .look applied all the time, until I hit play, then it will start showing the weird look when paused again. It's weird. Not a deal killer, but annoying.


      I don't know what I can do to make the lumetri effect apply the .look more consistently while paused.


      3. Lastly, there are many .look presets in the Effects panel. Sweet! They appear to be the ones from Speedgrade. Does anyone know how I can make folders with my own custom .looks in the effects bin? I see I can make new effects bins and import presets, but looks aren't preset files. That would just be a nice convenience.


      Thanks in advance for your assist!