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    Excel and/or mml files in InDesign

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      I've got a project that I do 4 times a year in Framemaker and have converted the files into InDesign to add more design appeal to them. In Framemaker the files are setup using tabs and are created by running the Excel files through a script in Visual Basic that create .mml files. These files imported into Framemaker and come in about 98% formatted. I'd like to do the same in InDesign, if possible, and keep the Excel files linked and have them maintain the same formatting.


      But not sure if I can keep them setup with the tabs or have to put them back in table format.


      Or if I have to start from scratch, placing the 107 individual Excel files and setting up Table styles and then having them updated each time.


      They pages are very simple and probably have no more than 8-10 styles used. Any advice you may have for me would greatly be appreciated.


      Or any method I'd be open to hearing about too.






      I have tried Placing and Linking a couple of Excel files, which brings in most of the formatting I need. But when I try making a change to the Excel file and update the link the Cell formatting (Bottom Cell Insert) defaults back to the original imported file.


      This, even after I've created Paragraph, Cell and Table Styles and applied them all.