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    Radio button group spanning page issue

    Lenexa Ashley

      Issue #1: I'm working w/LiveCycle ES2 to create an evaluation form. I have a group of three radio buttons, one of which is at the bottom page, and the other two at the top of the next. There is a value assigned to each button and when the button is selected, the value is output into a numeric field (Rating1, Rating2...). I cannot get it to include the first radio button on the other page, even though they have the same group name. Is it possible to have the value populate into the numeric field?

      The form was originally created in Acrobat Pro X, but people did not want to manually input a value that cooresponded with the selection, so unfortunately, two groups of the radio buttons are spanning more than one page. I hate to have to completely overhaul the form.


      Issue#2: Ultimately the radio button selections will all be averaged, for a total performance rating. I have not found a script that will work, because I'm afraid that it errors out because before all of the radio buttons are filled out, it's looking for values that aren't there yet. Should that be resolved with a default value, or a button to run the calculations after the form is completed?