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    Best Output Format for DVD

    glaustin Level 2

      Hi Guys

      I've been exporting for the web for years and I've just had a rush job I need to put on a DVD (and I'm seriously running out of time here tonight - in the UK). It needs to be as high quality as possible as it's to play as a loop on a stand at a trade show and I wonder if anyone has any advice on settings. My Sequence is set to HDV 1080(i - 1440). I tried to export as AVI but it turned my settings into a 720 format. The same when I tried the Mpg2 DVD setting. Mpg 2 seems to retain the 1080 format but I'm trying H.264 as that also seems to allow me to ouput as 1080 and I thought may be better quality. (I've contacted the Encore forum separately for advice on how to get it on a disk once I've got a decent file as I used another programme when I did DVDs).


      Anyone any advice would be welcome.