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    Trouble Exporting MXF from PP Cs6



      I am having a lot of trouble exporting a sequence of mxf footage out of premiere pro cs6. Whenever I try to export directly from Premiere the program stalls out. I tried sending it to adobe media encoder, which worked temporarily. Now, the sequence doesn't show up in adobe media encoder. I then tried sending turning the sequence into an AE composition, which again worked seamlessly temporarily. I am working with multi-clip sequences and last night I noticed that when I turn my sequence into an AE comp, after effects began referencing the wrong angle. After Effects also began giving me error messages saying that it was having trouble conforming some of the mxf files. Any insight into how I can fix this would be most helpful. I am working on a Mac Pro Ghz-6 Core Intel Xeon.



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          Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

          What exactly do you mean by "multi-clip sequences." Multicam?

          If so, try dropping the same source content into a sequence without any multicam edits and see if that exports. That will help determine if the problem is limited to multicam sequences.


          Have you tried closing all the apps, confirming through Activity Monitor that all the processes shut down (including pproheadless and dynamiclinkmanager), and then relaunching the apps? Or simply rebooting the system. This feels a bit like a problem where the initial failure to export left things in a bad state, so that you need to clear the decks.


          What are your export settings? Do you have similar problems exporting to other formats?


          And just to confirm the reference in the thread's title, you're running PPRO CS6, not CC, right?