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    Encore Dual Layer Break  Errors


      I made several projects in Encore CS6 that require a dual layer DVD-R disc . The project had no errors and the disc burnt with no problem.

      However, after the first disc, Encore will not burn any additional discs and says the layer break is incorrect even though it didn't give me the option to set my own layer break.

      I tried a disc copy with Nero and an occasional disc burnt but I received the same layer break error. The same problem happened with IMGBURN. It would burn a disc (although each time the incorrect layer break message appeared first and then abou 2 of 5 would burn.

      Does anyone know the cause of this Encore error or a way to correct or bypass it?

      It took 120 dual layer discs to burn 50 properly burnt ones.

      Thank You,

      Michael Colten

      Northeast Video Productions