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    How to create new groups (list) for storing user's data?

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      I'm using cq-5.4 and I was undertaking the campaign management tutorial which explains about how to send out a weekly news letter. As a part of that I was creating a sign up form for subscribers to fill out. So after filling up that form, user's data would get stored somewhere and eventually that data will be used while sending out the weekly news letters to him.


      This was the link I was referring to for that,

      http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/5-4/wcm/campaigns.html#Create a Sign Up Form


      So on that link, the 3rd screenshot talks about how to set the form action. They have for example set the form action to 'Create and Update Account' and accordingly under 'Action Configuration', 'geometrixx newsletter' is assigned as the 'Initial Group'. But they never talked about how to create the 'geometrixx-newsletter' group? Where to create that group etc. Hence, after completing the form when I press submit, nothing happens. In reality whatever data I entered should've got stored in the 'geometrixx newsletter' group.


      So that is the place where I'm stuck. Can someone tell me how and where should i create this group?