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    Illustrator saving problems


      Hello everybody,


      In the last months I got more and more saving problems in Illustrator. I used CS5 and CS6 and now I switched to CreativeCloud where I have the same problems.

      I deleted my system two times and built it up completely new - but the mistake remains. Even with an update to MacOSX10.8 and CreativeCloud didn't solve the problem.


      When I try to save an Illustrator document the program sometimes starts to get inactive (I can't do anything more), so that I just can crash it. The file is saved, but when I open Illustrator again it is often unable to open any document without freezing again. After a complete reboot Im able to open Illustrator again proberly.


      Modellname:MacBook Pro
        Prozessortyp:Intel Core i7
        Prozessorgeschwindigkeit:2,66 GHz
        Anzahl der Prozessoren:1
        Gesamtanzahl der Kerne:2
        L2-Cache (pro Kern):256 KB
        L3-Cache:4 MB
        Speicher:8 GB
        Geschwindigkeit für Prozessorverbindungstyp:4.8 GT/s
        SMC-Version (System):1.57f18

      Hard drive is a 128GB SSD drive.


      I hope someone can help me


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          [scott] Level 6

          How much free space is on the hard drive?

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            somesunnymind Level 1

            depends on my work - sometimes 30gb down to 5gb - mostly its about 20gb. When I finished my work I save it to our server.

            The bug appears at any status of free hard drive space.


            What I didn't mention is that the computer sometimes can not shut down after that illustrator issue. The screen becomes grey like on a normal shutdown but it won't ever end. Finally I have to crash the system completely.


            What I wonder about is that neither a program update nor a system update could fix it. Is it possible illustrator doesn't like my hardware - the SSD maybe?