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    Flash Player upgrade installation problem - Windows 7 x64 & Firefox




      It is impossible to upgrade the Flash Player to version 11.7.700.224 or 11.7.700.169


      The antivirus DrWeb detects the installer as a virus (Trojan Downloader) and blocks the download process, but even disabling the antivirus and stopping its services (rebooting included) another problem appear:

      The OS Windows 7 x64 rejects the installation saying that there is a program or component required that is not present.


      The present version of Flash Player that I have installed is 11.4.r402.265, with this version is not problem for install, uninstall or configure, but Firefox claims that the version needs to be upgraded.


      Also a new and strange and  disturbing function has appeared.


      In the address bar of Firefox at the left has appeared an Adobe icon the request if I want or not to activate Flash for each web page that contain flash elements.


      For example: In YouTube each time I open the page is nescessary to reactivate Flash for to allow the video function, if not the video screens reamain in blank.


      Many pages that have active contents force to reactivate Flash a lot of times.


      For example: The free web storage servers (rapidshare, hotfile, etc) have routines of showing publicity during the login and startup of the upload/download process.

      Each time that I need to reactivate Flash the whole page is reset and makes incredibly slow the use of the cloud storage services.