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    When Does Photoshop.com Completely Shutdown


      I've been on Photoshop.com for years and while my albums have been transferred to Ravel the Photosop.com albums are still on display, including embedded Flash displays on other websites.  I was under the impression that Photoshop.com was going to be shut down completely on June 18th, but I guess not.  How much longer will the Photoshop.com displays be active?  Please advise. The Ravel website is worthless to me.

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          Pattie F Employee Moderator

          The official shut down date was 6/18/13, but the files have remained there just a bit longer to ensure users have archived their files. Once your photoshop.com account has been migrated, you can no longer upload to Photoshop.com. This is to ensure we have migrated all accounts from a frozen place in time in your Photoshop.com account and we both know what migrated to Revel.   These accounts and all the files they contain will be removed in the future.


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