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    CC and Blackmagic 5.1 Audio

    Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP


      Win 7 64

      24 GB ram

      Premiere CC

      BM driver 9.7.5 (17th June)


      I am trying to get 5.1 op via my BM decklink card.

      In audio Hardware setup the Adobe Desktop Audio box only gives me the option of Premiere Pro WDM Sound but in CS6 also installed on this machine I get the aditional option of Blackmagic Audio, this is the one I need for 5.1 and the one I have been using for 3 years with CS6.

      The BM driver is the one released on 17th June for Premiere CC. I have reinstalled it twice, it works ok in CS6.


      The output mapping box lets me select the track order for the BM card but I can't select the card for op.